The Ford GT Collection


Fresh after unveiling the new 600+hp GT, Ford has unveiled a conceptual design collection at the Milan Design Week (Salone del Mobile). The comprehensive portfolio is centred on the stunning GT and includes a sailboat, chaise lounge and a foosball table.

The comprehensive collection uniquely overlooks the GT’s beautiful exterior bodywork to instead take its design cues from the car’s modern interior. The overarching themes of the collection aligns with the guiding design principles of the GT’s cabin; clarity of intent, innovation and user connection. These design principles are achieved through design solutions that “visually communicate fit for purpose, lean and lightweight, and perceived efficiency”.


The sailboat is a sleek carbon fibre design with an ergonomic Formula One shaped hull for enhanced aerodynamics and stability. It’s deep black hull adds to the allure and reinforces the suggestion of speed.

Autodesk VRED Professional 2014 SR1

Ford Australia’s Melbourne design team contributed the svelte chaise lounge with an extremely minimal representation which seamlessly flows to the contours of the body for maximum comfort. The hard shell structure is overlaid with a soft felt which adds to the comfort of the user.


The complete design collection consists of:

  • Sailboat
  • Armchair
  • Chaise Lounge
  • Clock
  • Foosball Table
  • Guitar
  • Horizon Light
  • Suspended Light
  • Speaker
  • Table
  • Pillow


A million times by Humans since 1982


The whole is greater than the sum of its parts is clearly demonstrated by this mesmerising wall piece. 288 individual minimalist clocks make up the large display with the hands of each clock moving independently and in perfect harmony to create spellbinding patterns and sequences. Each clock then moves to unveil the wall piece’s perfectly fitting function by displaying the current time, in a large digital format.

The artistic masterpiece, titled A million times, is engineered by Stockholm based design studio, Humans since 1982.

Each hour and minute hand is independently driven by a total of 576 motors which enable the patterns and movements demonstrated in the video.

The studio has also developed a number of smaller designs made from 24 to 96 individual clocks. Each design is made of aluminium and would make the perfect focal point of a modern home or business foyer.