Zedd’s Exclusive Album Sneak Peak at Alcatraz


The in demand electro-pop producer Zedd just challenged the record for most interesting event location when he threw party on Alcatraz Island for some of his most diehard San Francisco fans. The super exclusive party was to celebrate the upcoming launch of his new album, True Colors. Admission to the prison hall party was earned by successfully completing a scavenger hunt throughout San Francisco’s Pier 39 with the winners traveling straight over to The Rock to party with Zedd.

The unique venue was chosen to reflect Zedd’s personal writing experience as he explains:

“When I start writing a song I start isolated in my studio, and there’s nothing really more isolating than being here in Alcatraz”

The fans were treated to a pre-release listen to the track Transmission from his soon to be released album. The group of fans were assembled on the floor in a central chamber of the old prison and were each given a pair of Beats headphones. The lights were then cut and the room was plunged into total darkness, allowing the fans to truly focus on the music.


For those looking to add a bit more flair to their event, Alcatraz Island can be booked for special private nightly stays for up to 350 people. But such exclusivity comes at a cost with a $1000 deposit required just to secure the prison for your desired dates [link].

Let us know if the comments of a party venue that may manage to upstage Zedd and Alcatraz.


Album pre-order: http://smarturl.it/ZeddTrueColors